Vehicle Signage

If you’re looking for vehicle vinyl lettering or decals, you’ve come to the right place. Vinyl lettering and decals can help grow your business with brand exposure or simply give your vehicle that personalized touch




We at UNIQUE RUBBER STAMP can provide you with either for a wide range of vehicles; whether you want something for a single delivery van or a fleet of commercial pickup trucks, we’ve got you covered! Our vinyl lettering and decals won’t damage your vehicle’s paint or windows and it is easily removable. Now before we go further, it’s important you understand the difference between vinyl lettering and decals because there is a lot of confusion and misinformation in the marketplace.

Let’s make it simple. There are 2 main main differences between vinyl letters and vinyl decals.

The most obvious difference you’ll see is that decals have a background and vinyl letters don’t. Each letter is contour cut out of a solid color roll of vinyl into individual shapes so there’s absolutely no background. That’s why vinyl letters are still so popular for lettering storefront windows, company vehicles, enclosed utility trailers and interior walls. Of course, vinyl is not limited to just letters because we can just as easily provide any numbers, shapes, graphics or logos you need in any size or color – all with the background removed.

The other main difference is that decals are printed directly onto the vinyl with a weather resistant ink. In fact, our full-color, high definition printer is so versatile there’s no limit as to what we can print! For example, your vinyl decals can be printed with photographic quality pictures, multi-colored logos and even three dimensional letters. If you can see the image you want on your computer screen, we can print it!


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Need vinyl lettering for your box truck? We can supply your with signage for a single box truck or even a whole fleet. Check out our Vinyl Lettering Package, which includes:

  • Vinyl Letters
  • Vinyl Numbers
  • Vinyl Logo(s)
  • Vinyl Graphics

We can put any kind of personalized design on your box truck. Not quite settled on an idea yet? Our art team can help you out. Just shoot us an email at!

Don't worry about installation; we’ve included all the things you need to do it yourself:

  • Written instructions for simple installation
  • A step-by-step video showing you how easy it is to apply the vinyl lettering
  • Our Vinyl-Magic Application Kit which includes the same exact tools of the trade we use when applying vinyl graphics
  • Our Goof-Proof Replacement Guarantee

Our exclusive Goof-Proof guarantee means that if you accidentally mess something up, we’ll send you the replacement vinyl letters you need absolutely free of charge and pay for the extra shipping costs.

Furthermore, your vinyl lettering, company logo or other graphics automatically come:

  • Ready-to-apply
  • Perfectly aligned
  • Pre-spaced (apply whole words together, not letter by letter)

Before moving forward, you need to pick your coverage and grade of UV protection.

“Coverage” refers to how much space you want the vinyl lettering to take up on your vehicle. Of the three options (high, medium, low) all have van door lettering but only the medium and high options include space on the back.


We make it simple, but significant.